The Roadmap

To Stop Trading Your Time for Money

A Digital Marketing Course

with Master Resell Rights

Giving you 100% PROFIT, if you choose to resell it, while you create your own digital products.

Hey there!

You found me because you are either tired of living each day trading your time for money or you want to start turning your passions into passively profitable digital products.

Well, I was there, and I am here to introduce you to something special that can help you achieve that!

For 18 years, I traded my hours in the day for a fee as a personal trainer. I also spent 12 of those 18 years owning and operating my brick-and-mortar personal training business, and in 2023 I decided to leave my career of almost two-decades and deep dive into digital marketing and digital products. As hard of a decision as it was, it was the best decision, and I haven't looked back!

I started my new digital marketing career by purchasing a step-by-step video training course, called The Roadmap, which taught me everything I needed to know on how to create, market, and sell digital products online. Let's just say that it is the CliffsNotes version of a 4-year college education at a fraction of the price (you can take my word for it because I also did earn a bachelor's degree in marketing from Berkeley College in NYC.)

After purchasing and going through the entire course, I was able to confidentially launch two different digital marketing businesses and start a social media consulting business, helping local brick-and-mortar businesses drive organic traffic to their social media platforms through strategic content game plans.

The other perk to purchasing this course was that it came with MRR (master resell rights), which allowed me to sell the very same course at 100% profit, to help others turn their passions into profits and get started in the digital marketing space.

Which you could do the exact same thing!

We were brought up in a world that trading our time for a price is the way to make a living, so we put up our blinders to any other opportunities to make a living.

But what if we took what we knew about a problem we solved for ourselves or a hobby that we are passionate about, put it step-by-step into a digital product one time, and sold it to someone else that is going through a similar problem or wants to learn something new to fill a void in their life? And what if we made money passively (because we made that digital product one time) by doing so?

Do you see what we just did there? We changed someone else's life with the knowledge that we learned through our own life experiences AND we made money doing so! Like what!! I don't know about you but that sounds like a win-win to me.

This is your calling if you are,

  • Ready to start an online business with no experience in business or marketing.

  • Business savvy and just need a spark of inspiration to get you going.

  • Ready to inspire others with your unique knowledge and know how's on specific life topics and want to make money while doing so.

  • That person that feels uncomfortable selling, but you know that what you have could change someone's life, like it did for yourself.

  • Ready to make money while staying home and present with your loved ones.

Then this is your sign to commit to learning the secret sauce behind how to STOP TRADING YOUR TIME FOR MONEY by creating digital products. If you are ready, click the "I'm Ready" box below and enter your email!

On the next page, you can purchase The Roadmap digital marketing course, which could be considered "a business in a box" and start your own digital marketing journey, just like I did, today.

If you want to find out what's inside The Roadmap, digital marketing course, keep scrolling this page where I introduce you to some of the goodies that you'll find inside!

What is included in The Roadmap Course:

  • Introduction To Digital Entrepreneurialism: 200+ easy-to-follow training modules that will help you learn about the emergence of digital entrepreneurialism and how you can become your own expert in online business, digital marketing, branding, sales automation, and so much more.

  • How To Setup Automation in Your Business: Building your own sales process for The Roadmap, customizing your own funnel and branding your own business for MRR.

  • Optimize Your Sales Process: Ways to drive sales & optimize your sales process and troubleshoot and sales process issues.

  • Email Marketing: Automated follow ups in your business.

  • Branding Expansion: Learn how to brand yourself and truly set yourself apart.

  • Content Strategy: Learn how to create high value and high converting content, in the form of short-form and long-form, to help you make more sales in your business.

  • SEO Training: Learn the high-income skill of search engine optimization to raise awareness for your brand.

  • Success Mindset: Learn how the community takes on specific mindset practices to succeed.

  • Platforms To Market On: Learn which social platforms to market your business on and how to use each one the right way; TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

  • Business Tools: A list of interactive tools, such as Chat GPT and Canva, to use to help grow your business and brand awareness.

  • Passion building: Dive deep into figuring out what your passions are and building a business that is meant for you.

  • MRR Training: Have access to all of the training modules zip files so you can download and use to create your own digital marketing business using all of the content from The Roadmap. You will receive a certificate of completion to rebrand the entire course for your own.

One time purchase and all the above is yours!

  • Lifetime access to The Roadmap community and support.

  • Option to resell for 100% profit.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Nope! This course was designed to not only be resold, for 100% profit, but to teach entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs how to create or enhance their business.

For example, when I had my personal training business, I would create food plans that would require a sales process to get my product in my consumers face and then a way for them to purchase with atomization tied in. Well, I had to teach myself the funnel building process, figure out the right systems to use and then the social media, email and marketing campaigns would take me months to create. If I had The Roadmap, it would have taught me all of that and saved me so much time and money. To be honest, I know I would have made more sales and money because I would have been better at growing the anticipation factor during the sales process.


Not to worry! You can sell The Roadmap for 100% profit or take advantage of all the modules in the course to help you find your passion and your "niche". Once you figure out what topic or solution you are passionate talking about, you'll learn how to research that market to see if your passion could be profitable. Heck, take advantage of The Roadmap community to bounce ideas off of!


No way! Like I said, The Roadmap community is awesome, there is a private Facebook like group built into the courses system where everyone that purchased The Roadmap course can go to ask questions and find help and support. PLUS, I am here for you if you need any encouragement or support along the way :)


Not at all, most people reselling The Roadmap course, like me, start a brand-new social media account, starting from 0. You can take the tools that you learn from the course to build your social community through using the know, like and trust factor. Be passionate about what you are offering as well as be your authentic self and your followers will come.


I am here to tell you no. Pyramid schemes are not and will never be my thing. When I had my personal training business I had so many people try to convince me to join their "team" and sell their wellness products to my clients and I would earn a percentage of each sale. NOPE, was no interested in making my clients feel uncomfortable and think that all I cared about was selling something to them. I was authentically building a know, like and trust factor with them which kept them coming back to me for years.

Think of The Roadmap as a mini college education at a massive discount. I have a bachelor's degree in marketing, after I went through The Roadmap, I felt that I learned and retained more than I did in college. You should have seen me taking notes while watching The Roadmap modules Hehe.

When you look at this way you will understand that knowledge and learning is something that no one can take away from you, so the course is not buying a "scheme" to sell to someone else, you are buying an education that you can sell to someone else who's life could be forever changed by earning the gift of digital marketing knowledge.


Email me any other questions at and I would be happy to answer.

About Me

Hey there!

I'm Rachel, your go to digital marketing girl. A little bit about me! My entrepreneurial background started at the age of 25, when I opened up a group exercise and pole dancing (yup - for fitness) studio. I owned and operated it for almost 10 years, into the height of Covid times, until someone found value in my business and offered to purchase it. It was an opportunity that I couldn't pass up. They were willing to keep the culture the same all the while giving us the capital to get through the Covid shut-down phases (we were located in NJ).

I did a lot more than run fitness classes and personal training sessions when I owned my brick-and-mortar business.

Not only do I have multiple fitness certifications and hold a NJ Teachers Certification in Health and Physical Education, but I also hold a BS degree in marketing.

I did all the behind the scenes work in my business from building our websites, SEO and analytics targeting, design and printing of flyers and promotional materials, email content, marketing and promoting of many successful Shredder nutritional programs, Couch to 5k programs, fundraisers, collaborations with other local businesses and so much more.

Back in April, my fitness career came to a screeching halt, and I've spent the last few months becoming "unhealthy", to get healthy.

I stopped working out, after my career consisted of working out for 18 years straight.

I mourned the loss of a fitness community, that I spent years authentically building.

I spent a lot of time by myself, reflecting on how I got here and where my next steps in life are meant to be.

What I learned from all of this was that I needed space and time to clear my head to get "healthy" and listen to where God wanted me to be.

He sent me digital marketing.

I recognized that the years I spent building my brick-and-mortar business, I touched so many people in so many ways, and these people did the same for me. They built who I was, Fitness Mogul.

But I can't stop there. I need to help people. Period.

I was designed to make people happy, to give them the confidence to conquer their biggest fears, to be supported and have a safe place and space to count on.

With that being said, I would like to reintroduce myself, not as Fitness Mogul but as The Mogul Marketer, here to help others become entrepreneurs or help current entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level.

I am taking the digital marketing world by storm so I can continue to help others, conquer their biggest fears (mine is putting myself out there on social media, and here we are), find success in business and/or their personal life where they may feel trapped from financial burdens or time that they want back to spend with family.

Thank you for reading my story and I look forward to helping you find your spark!

XO, Rach

Hear What Others are Saying

"After leaving teaching to be a sahm I found myself wanting something for myself outside motherhood. I began diving into the digital marketing world last year spending hours on youtube watching video after video to try and figure things out on my own. Well spoiler alert after a year I gave up because I struggled on cracking the code and felt so alone in the entrepreneur journey. Fast forward to 6 weeks ago I stumbled across The Roadmap course and saw moms contributing significantly to their household finances and getting to stay with their babies. I'm not gonna lie a part of me thought it was a scam and that these women were over exaggerating their success. I sat on it for 2 weeks and continued to watch so many moms succeed while researching and seeing if this course could really work for me. I decided to take the leap and I cannot express how grateful I am for this course. The skills I struggled to learn for over a year on my own I was able to master in a week with the beginner friendly lessons in The Roadmap Course. On top of all that value I was given Master Resell Rights which allows me to sell the course and make 100% profit. And with 48 hours of launching, I had made my first sale. I can't wait to see where this business takes me!"


"As a mama to an 8 year old, and 2 year old twins I am busy! I needed something that could bring in extra income without taking up lots of time. I bought this course in August and it took me 2 weeks to watch the self paced courses because I was in the midst of preparing for back to school as a teacher! I launched September 1 and have matched my entire months salary in less than 2 weeks!! I’m very grateful for Roadmap to Riches and being able to serve and share this opportunity 🫶🏾"


"The roadmap course is totally beginners friendly! I’ve bought the course and built my first sales funnel ever, and set up my business within three days in the course. I closed my first week in the course with two sales, now I’ve recover my investment, and made profit, this is amazing! I’m gaining so much knowledge that nobody can take away from me and I’m building an income stream online. How wonderful is that"


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